The Resurrection of Jesus

The Bible makes it clear. The resurrection of Jesus is essential to everything we believe. 1 Corinthians 15:14-19  14  And if Christ has not been raised, then our proclamation is without foundation, and so is your faith. 15  In addition, we are found to be false witnesses about God, because we have testified about God … Continue reading The Resurrection of Jesus

The Greatest Story Jesus Ever Told

On the day of the resurrection, two of Jesus' disciples were walking the 8-mile road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They were discouraged and distraught. Their teacher, friend and leader, Jesus, had been crucified just a few days before. His death had caused his disciples to become confused and afraid. To add to their confusion, on … Continue reading The Greatest Story Jesus Ever Told

Main Characters

Who are the main characters in the story of your life? Pause for a moment to reflect on that question. Make a short list in your mind. Think about why you consider these people main characters in your life to this point. There have been a lot of important people in your life. Who are the … Continue reading Main Characters