At Jesus’ Return, Be Found Faithful

If Jesus returns to earth during your lifetime, what do you want him to find you doing? As for me, I want to be found faithful. For each of us, it's a matter first and foremost of whether or not we are saved. My saving faith in Jesus rests in his completed on the cross, where he … Continue reading At Jesus’ Return, Be Found Faithful

Be Ready for Jesus’ Return

When Jesus describes the end times, he implores those who will listen to be ready for his return and to be found faithful serving him at the time of his return. Be ready and be faithful. In this post, we will discuss how and why we should be ready. Jesus' return is imminent. When Jesus died … Continue reading Be Ready for Jesus’ Return

Great Tribulation

Jesus says, "In this world you will have trouble. Take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). Bible prophecies concerning the end of the age describe a period of great tribulation during that time. Jesus describes the great tribulation in Matthew 24. When we understand what the Bible says about this period, we will be ready … Continue reading Great Tribulation

Persecution and Witness

Here are nine truths about the end times that Jesus described to us in Matthew 24:9-14. These truths have been evident in every generation since Jesus walked the earth, and they will increase as the last days draw near. In one sense, since the time of Jesus we have continually been in the last days. … Continue reading Persecution and Witness

Signs of the End of the Age

The end times are intriguing to consider. What will those days be like? Wars? Chaos? Prosperity? Blessings? Fear? Excitement? Something else? The Bible is full of prophecies concerning the last days, and Jesus discusses them with his disciples in Matthew chapter 24. His words guide our thoughts concerning the end times. Matthew 24:1-3  1  As Jesus … Continue reading Signs of the End of the Age