Driving Tip #17

Here’s another quick driving tip.

Driving Tip #17: Don’t stop in the middle of the road to let someone turn left onto the road you are traveling on.

Now, the most common way that I see this is when a car is needing to turn left onto a road, and another car is turning left out of that road. While it may seem polite and nice to let that car turn left in front of you, it’s actually rude to all of us who are behind you (not to mention it’s not the proper way to drive according to the driver’s manual). I know you may be thinking that it doesn’t matter to you because you’re not going to be on that road anymore, so why not let them turn left? May I politely suggest to just go ahead, turn left, and then the other car can wait for an opportunity to turn left themselves.

Note: I know there are exceptions to this, when there are lines of cars stacked going both ways. But in general, the tip should be followed.

One time, I had a guy literally come to a screeching halt in front of me, going down a hill and around a curve. No blinker. Sudden stop. I wondered what he was doing. Was everyone ok? Yep. Did he hit an animal? Nope. What happened? Turns out his buddy was turning left onto our road. He thought it best to stop the entire line of traffic dangerously and unnecessarily to let his friend turn left in front of us. That guy needed to read driving tip #17.

Drive safely out there guys!

One thought on “Driving Tip #17

  1. Amen! Here is another one: be kind to those behind. I think school bus drivers and those who feel the need to allow all the school buses to pull out from a side road while they have the traffic hi-jacked on the main road behind them, should also, in fact, be kind to the traffic behind them.

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