A Pastor’s Job Description in Three Words

Shepherd. Elder. Overseer. These three words describe the job description of those who serve as pastors. We are not only talking about those who serve as the pastor of local churches, but all of those who serve as spiritual leaders of groups of believers. In Acts 20 and 1 Peter 5, we see the three … Continue reading A Pastor’s Job Description in Three Words

The Good Shepherd

The eternal God of the universe relates to us in amazing ways. The Bible uses descriptions that we can understand to describe this relationship. God is our Father, King, Helper, Comforter, Healer, Savior, Encourager and much, much more. Jesus is God's Son, literally God-in-the-flesh. Jesus is the great "I AM." Jesus is the Good Shepherd. … Continue reading The Good Shepherd

The Door

Front doors. Back doors. Car doors. Bedroom doors. Bathroom doors. Office doors. Doors on "Monsters Inc." A band called "The Doors" from a few years ago. Lots of doors. Why do we need doors? What do they do? And why would Jesus refer to himself as a door? “I assure you: Anyone who doesn’t enter … Continue reading The Door