Great things that happen in homes: REST

Life can be exhausting. The modern pace of life is to be busy, busy, busy at work, work, work to earn, earn, earn to provide, provide, provide and have fun, fun, fun. That pace of life from before daylight until late each night can wear you down.

Constant communication with others through texting, social media and phone calls keeps your brain activated (which is a good thing) but also overloads your mind (which can be a bad thing) because you never get a mental break, not to mention keeping a dozen conversations going at the same time!

The stress of tight schedules, congested traffic and too many activities leaves you feeling worn out, tired and in need of a break.

Homes are a place of rest

Homes are a place to relax, unwind and decompress. At home you can unplug from the world, spend time in prayer, work on your favorite hobby, talk to your family and friends, be quiet, write, paint, create, listen to music, take a bath, or whatever else is relaxing to you.

Homes are a place of rest.

So think about the spaces in your home. Are there rooms dedicated to rest? If your bedroom has a TV or computer in it, is that relaxing to you or more stressful? Are 14 people sharing one bathroom making it stressful to share? You get the idea.

Pro tip #1: set aside spaces for rest

Some ideas for restful spaces:

  • Sunroom that can be used for prayer, reading and thinking
  • Den with a fireplace
  • Bathroom with a claw foot bathtub
  • Piano/music room
  • Back porch or front porch with a view of woods, mountains or a body of water
  • Man cave
  • Shop or creative space to work on your favorite project
  • Bedroom
  • Family room with comfortable furniture
  • Fire pit outside
  • Movie room

Pro tip #2: de-clutter your spaces

When things are in their place, your brain can relax. And when there is less furniture and the spaces are more simple, you can rest easier. (There’s even less dust to clean!) My encouragement to you is to take a look at your spaces and make changes that will help your home to be a better place of rest.

Sometimes it’s not about adding on a space to your home but taking an extra bedroom and converting it into a more restful space that might be used each day.

Time to rest

Also take a look at your schedule. Carve out time to rest!

God created the world in six days and then He rested. He wasn’t tired from His work, but rather He was setting an example for us to follow. The rhythm of your life should include a day of rest (and to gather to worship God with others) and times during each day to rest. You will be stronger and more energized for your daily activities if you sleep well each night and take time during the day to rest.

Homes are a place for rest. My prayer for you is that you will find those spaces and times in your home to relax and est.

4 thoughts on “Great things that happen in homes: REST

  1. Derek, Doc and I have the very first area on your list, “Sunroom that can be used for prayer, reading and thinking”. It is a very peaceful room, full of sun by day, except on the cloudiest days, and surrounded by restful dark at night.

  2. Hey, Derek! You hit the nail on the head! Bless my mess! I definitely need to clean up the clutter and get rid of the dust! Then I can REALLY rest like I did before I retired and stopped cleaning! Hah! Hah! Thanks!

  3. Bless you Derek for this reminder…rest and coming away a little while, is crucial for our well being and spiritual strength…. these days with grown kids and grandkids sharing our home, Kent and I retreat in the RV. Who cares that it’s parked in the back yard.

  4. I found the best place for me to rest is in prayer, no matter where I am physically. I’m absent from the body and present with the Lord.

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