Great Things That Happen in Homes: CREATIVITY

Don’t you love the sound of little kids playing with their toys in the playroom at the house? I’m talking about the kind of play where you walk in and see that brothers and sisters and their friends have created an entire world using legos, furniture, hot wheels racetracks, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jesse, Cinderella, Barbie, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and every other Toy Story 4 toy they can find to create a world of make believe.

When they use their imagination in that way, they can play for hours.

Our God is a creative God. In the beginning, he created the heavens and the earth. The reason that beaches and mountains and sunsets and starry nights give us such peace and a connection to the divine is that God is the Master Creator. We are creative because we are made in the image of God.

There is so much creativity that happens inside and around our homes:

  • Creative landscaping that turns a yard into a wonderful variety of colors, flowers, grass, mulch and rocks — beautiful to look at and functional too
  • Creative decorating in the living room, such as shelves decked out with books, pictures, collectibles, and special family keepsakes
  • Creative meals prepared in the kitchen, a variety of colors and flavors, healthy and yummy — the kind you take a picture of and post to Instagram
  • Creative storytelling at bedtime when mom and dad read to their kids, or make up stories using their kids as the main characters in the story (one of my favorite things to do when our kids were little)
  • Creative arts are practiced at home, such as music, drama, dancing, painting, modeling clay, singing and drawing
  • Creative writing as you create characters and tell stories of adventure and relationships, of hope in the face of almost certain doom, of heroes who save the day just in time
  • Creative building is seen in the various types of architecture and construction of our homes, stunning and practical
  • Creative projects can include woodworking, hobbies, knitting, sewing and a host of other things

Some people think they are not creative, but many times it’s because they’ve never tried. All creativity is developed over time. Some people are more naturally gifted creatively, but everyone can use their creativity.

Be creative!

We have an art project on one of our walls that our daughter created in 2nd grade. It’s a vase with beautiful flowers. It’s beautiful.

So, take some time today and be creative!

3 thoughts on “Great Things That Happen in Homes: CREATIVITY

  1. Creative preaching by some of the young preachers have been impressive. They stay true to scripture but their sermons address specific areas such as ‘ chains” – C – choices which become H – habits which become A – automatic which becomes I – identity and N – our nature S.

  2. Hey, Derek!

    I need to forward you an email to see what you think of it.  If you have a home email address, would you please send it to me?


    I hear you may come back to good ole Hebron?  Hope it's true!





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