Getting Stronger 

God’s Word inspires, equips and encourages us as we walk by faith in the Lord. At times we need an extra dose of strength. When you feel worn out, Psalm 143 gives you clarity on the way to get stronger. Here are four keys to getting stronger. Let’s verbalize them in terms of a prayer to the Lord.

“Lord, hear my prayer.” When you call on the Lord in prayer, He hears you. Catch that. The God of the universe hears you! And He cares what you have to say. When you need strength, call on the Lord in prayer.

Psalm 143:1-4
1  LORD, hear my prayer. In Your faithfulness listen to my plea, and in Your righteousness answer me. 2  Do not bring Your servant into judgment, for no one alive is righteous in Your sight. 3  For the enemy has pursued me, crushing me to the ground, making me live in darkness like those long dead. 4  My spirit is weak within me; my heart is overcome with dismay.

“Help me to remember all You have done.” Reflecting on the work of God in your life through the years can be a real encouragement and strength to face the battles of today and to increase your strength. Also, remembering all that God has done in the lives of people as recorded in the Scriptures inspires, encourages and strengthens you. Take a moment to think about the top three things that God has done in and through your life.

Psalm 143:5-6
5  I remember the days of old; I meditate on all You have done; I reflect on the work of Your hands. 6  I spread out my hands to You; I am like parched land before You.

“Teach me to do Your will always.” Walking in simple obedience to God and His Word will renew your strength day by day. Your goal should be to do God’s will always, on the small and the big decisions of life. If Jesus is your Lord and Savior, His Holy Spirit lives within you to guide you and empower you every moment. Make your goal to do God’s will always. You will be blessed as you think, talk, and live in accordance with His will.

Psalm 143:7-10
7  Answer me quickly, LORD; my spirit fails. Don’t hide Your face from me, or I will be like those going down to the Pit. 8  Let me experience Your faithful love in the morning, for I trust in You. Reveal to me the way I should go because I long for You. 9  Rescue me from my enemies, LORD; I come to You for protection. 10  Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God. May Your gracious Spirit lead me on level ground.

“Protect me from my enemies.” Do you realize that you fight some of the same battles that King David fought as he was writing Psalm 143? No, you are not battling a giant named Goliath, but you are battling pride, fear, temptation, guilt and a host of other enemies that battle against you in your mind. Your enemy the devil seeks to destroy the joy and fruitfulness of your life, but in Christ you are victorious over the devil and Jesus will protect you. When you win a battle against one of your spiritual enemies, you gain strength one victory at a time.

Psalm 143:11-12
11  Because of Your name, Yahweh, let me live. In Your righteousness deliver me from trouble, 12  and in Your faithful love destroy my enemies. Wipe out all those who attack me, for I am Your servant.


Lord, hear my prayer. Help me to remember all You have done. Teach me to do Your will always. Protect me from my enemies. Thank you for making me stronger. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.,

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