I’ve Got Good News For You

Boy, do we need some good news. The media focuses on the bad news all around us: in our cities, across our nation, and around the world. Discouragement. Fear. Hatred. Hurt.

We need some good news.

The nation of Israel was in need of good news. Their sin had caused them to be conquered by foreign nations. Isaiah spoke to them, seeing toward a time in their future when they would return to their homeland, able to worship the Lord in Jerusalem on Mt. Zion.

In Isaiah 40:9-11, we see four great truths:

  • The Lord is here
  • The Lord is strong
  • The Lord is your reward
  • The Lord protects you
9 Zion, herald of good news, go up on a high mountain.
Jerusalem, herald of good news, raise your voice loudly.
Raise it, do not be afraid!
Say to the cities of Judah, “Here is your God!”
10 See, the Lord GOD comes with strength,
and His power establishes His rule.
His reward is with Him,
and His gifts accompany Him.
11 He protects His flock like a shepherd;
He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them in the fold of His garment.
He gently leads those that are nursing. (Isaiah 40:9-11)


Did you see the truths in the verses?

The Lord is here (v9). The Lord is not far away. He is here. Isaiah tells the herald to declare it to the people, to raise their voices loudly, that the Lord is here. No matter where you are, as a follower of Christ you can know that the Lord is with you. He is here.

The Lord is strong (v10). The Lord is king. He is the Sovereign God of the universe. He is strong. He is powerful, and His power establishes His rule. He created all things and sustains all things. He is strong enough to handle any difficulty you face. Depend on Him. Rest in Him. Lean on His strength.

The Lord is your reward (v10). When kings would lead their armies home from battle there would be a parade through town. They would bring with them the riches from the battle, the gold, silver and other items won during the war. With God, it is different. He is your reward. He gives you Jesus. He gives you eternal riches through Christ.

The Lord protects you (v11). Just like a shepherd cares for His flock, the Lord cares for you. He deals with you gently. He carries you in His arms. He protects you from your enemies. He protects you.

The amazing part of these verses is that they were ultimately fulfilled in Christ. He died for us and was resurrected on the hill called Mt Zion. He offers salvation to everyone who will believe. He is our Great Shepherd. He is strong. He is here with you. He is your reward.

That is truly good news!

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