Free Digital Resources that you will actually use

As a Christian living in the digital age, there are many free resources available for your smartphone, tablet and computer to spiritually encourage you and help you in your walk with Christ.

Here are a few that are especially helpful to me:

YouVersion Bible App — I use it for daily Bible reading (there are many daily reading plans inside the app). Choose from multiple versions of the Bible in many languages. Also, through YouVersion you have access to videos such as The Jesus Film and others. I also use YouVersion to read the Bible on Sundays at church, even using the “Live” tab to follow along with our pastor’s sermon notes.

Pandora Music App – choose your favorite songs, favorite artists, or favorite genres and create channels of music that you will love. — two of the best features of this site are free access to the HCSB Study Bible digital version (filled with study notes, maps, charts, etc) and a feature that allows you to click on any key word to see a short definition of the meaning of that word in the original languages of the Bible: Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

Wordsearch and Logos — these two apps have enormous amounts of free materials available, everything from Bible commentaries, books on theology, discipleship resources, and more. Just this morning I was reading a book on Bonhoeffer that I downloaded free.

Vessel Project — you can sign up to receive a daily email that gives you discounted and free Christian e-books. Depending on your genre preferences, you will find some that you will enjoy reading on your Kindle Reader (another free app you can download).

What are some others that you use?

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