Chapel Bible Study — Announcement

As spiritual leaders, we desire to stay in step with the Spirit of God. We seek to follow him to be right where he wants us to be, to lead our church family where God wants us to go.

A few weeks ago, we as a staff realized that perhaps one of the reasons that some adults were not serving as connect group leaders on Sunday mornings in the next generation areas was because they didn’t have another time during the week to attend a connect group with other adults. So we brainstormed, dreamed, prayed, and came up with one idea of offering connect groups around tables on Sunday evenings. We were calling them Chapel connect groups because they were going to meet in the Chapel. Well, we have tried it, and we are not liking it, so we are making a change back to something we think is better for our church family, guests, and people from our community who are not attending church anywhere yet.

We have decided that it is best to shift gears and return to the Chapel Bible study as you have come to know it in the past couple of years. We are excited about this decision and hope that you are too.

Chapel Bible Study will once again be a time for worship through music led by Await Flight (they rock!) and teaching by me. I’m excited to dig back in with you each week as we study God’s Word verse by verse, unpacking the timeless truths of the Bible that are just as relevant to our lives today as they were when they were first written down. We envision a time in the future when the Chapel is packed on Sunday evenings with people of all ages. It will be fun, energetic, casual, relevant, real.

So spread the word, invite your friends, family and neighbors, and we’ll see you back at Chapel Bible Study each Sunday evening at 5:00 PM.

And here’s a cool thing to celebrate related to this: We have more adults serving in next generation connect groups than ever before. And these adults not only prepare to teach and lead each week by studying the Bible and the lesson plan, but they also hang out together and care for each other in times of need (which are two of the reasons for all of our connect groups). Good stuff.

By the way, if you are looking for a connect group to be part of, CLICK HERE for a list.

God is moving. Let’s catch the wave…

2 thoughts on “Chapel Bible Study — Announcement

  1. I love to see and feel the fact that you are not stuck in the mud. When something needs to be changed, you change it. May your ears and hearts been tuned in to hear the whispers of God.

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