Jase Robertson Event… Next Steps

Recently we had a fun event at our church, where more than 7000 people gathered to hear Jase Robertson share his stories of duck calls, family adventures, and faith in Christ. He was hilariously funny at times, very serious at others, and all-the-time authentic. As Pastor Kevin Miller said, “Jase is the real deal.”

Jase spoke candidly about how important his faith in Jesus Christ is. It’s a very important part of his life. He challenged us all to consider three questions:

1. How did I get here (on earth)?
2. What am I doing with my life?
3. Where am I going after I die?

Next steps

Many of you brought guests with you to the event. That is the heart of our church: inviting friends, family, coworkers and others to be part of the great stuff going on at Hebron Church. Here are a couple of things that I would encourage you to do this week.

Find out how your guests enjoyed the event

Take time this week to touch base with your guests to see what they enjoyed about the event: funniest stories, what they learned about duck calls, what kind of Duck Commander gear they bought, more. Don’t forget to talk about the other aspects of Jase’s message: his family values and spiritual commitment. Have a great conversation.

Invite your guests back for Easter Sunday

If your guests do not have a local church that they are planning to attend already, invite them to Hebron on Sunday. We would love for them to be our guests on Easter. We’ve got a lot of great things planned for this Sunday.

Those are a couple of ideas. Have a great week!

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