Reasons I’ve Got “Spring Fever”

Starting on Sunday, March 13th our church is hosting a series of nightly events called “Spring Fever 2011 – Radical Hope!” I’m planning to be there every night, and here’s a few reasons why:

  1. I can’t get enough hope! Even when things look discouraging in our own community and around the world, I know there is hope. And that’s what this event is all about. And believe it or not, the Bible has answers and shows us how to have radical hope!
  2. Great kids’ activities. My wife and I have three great kids, and they love things like: bounce houses, snacks, games, Bible stories, crafts, music and more. That kind of stuff will be going on each night for kids 10 and under in the LPBC gym.
  3. Live band every night. The LPBC band features guitars, drums, keyboards, and vocalists. Come to sing or come just to listen. You will enjoy the music and leave pumped up.
  4. Guest speaker Pastor Jason Treadaway. This guy is traveling all the way from Danbury, TX to be here. He has some great things to say to us from God’s Word about Radical Hope.
  5. Everyone is welcome every night. There’s not going to be a bad night to be there. So come for one night or every night, or whatever your schedule allows. Whether you have a church home or not, whether you go to church a little or a lot or never at all, we think you’ll really like this event.
  6. There is an extra theme each night, in case you need an extra reason to be there. Sunday: youth night, plus baptism service. Monday: ice cream night. Tuesday: wear-your-favorite-sports-team-shirt-or-hat-night. Wednesday: free-pizza-at-6 PM-night.
  7. God will be honored. One of the things we believe in is honoring the Lord. So, through praying, reading the Bible, singing, and everything else that goes on, we know that Jesus will be honored. We believe that when He is honored that we will find radical hope. Real faith in Jesus Christ. Saving faith. Radical faith. Faith that gives us radical hope.

Won’t you join us? And bring someone with you.

The kickoff for the event is Sunday morning, March 13th at 10:15 AM at Lake Placid Baptist Church. And “Spring Fever 2011 – Radical Hope!” continues each evening on Sunday-Wednesday, March 13th-16th at 6:30-7:45 PM.

If you have questions, or if you need a ride, give us a call at the church office 518-523-2008 or shoot me an email.

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